Comcast Houston Honors Craig Taylor with the Comcast Agents of Change Award

HOUSTON – September 12, 2022 – Today, Comcast Houston announced that our founder and CEO Craig Taylor is one of the five humanitarian recipients of the 2022 Comcast Agents of Change Award. The award was created to honor community members who drive transformative change through volunteerism,  mentorship, advocacy, and civic engagement in one of the following categories: Digital Equity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability.


Honorees were chosen by a distinguished panel of judges during the nomination period in May. “We are honored to celebrate the hard work and determination of these servant-leaders whose successful efforts will move us closer to an inclusive community and level the digital playing field for everyone,” Comcast Senior Regional Vice President Ralph Martinez said. “We are inspired by the accomplishments and passion of each of these honorees and are privileged to shine a light on all they do to make a difference to so many in our community.”



In 2013, Craig Taylor founded Atlas Scholars, a non-profit that affords high school students valuable internship, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities. Craig attributes his success to the mentors that he has had in his own life and strives to provide scholars with an even stronger level of guidance.

“Atlas Scholars was born out of the lack of experience that I had,” Craig explained. “More than anything, what I try to impart into the scholars is that you do not have a ceiling.”

Craig contributes his own money and time for the non-profit and makes sure to be a present mentor in the students’ lives.

“Every time I have reached out to Craig, he has always been happy to set some time aside to talk to me and answer any questions that I may have. And I think that is very valuable” said Yeni Rubio, an Atlas Scholars alumni.

Each honoree will be receiving a $5,000 donation to a non-profit of their choosing. Craig Taylor selected Atlas Scholars. This generous donation will helping the organization broaden its mission.

About Atlas Scholars

Atlas Scholars was founded to plug some of the gaps in the public education system — particularly around a lack of real-world experience and exposure and the disparity in experiences for students even within the same school district.

In late 2012, Craig Taylor and Tejpal Singh created a revolutionary development program aimed at driving students’ personal and professional growth from every angle over the course of several years in high school and beyond.

The idea was ambitious: three summer internships, year-round hands-on mentorship from program leadership and other industry leaders, comprehensive college preparation and scholarships, and the engagement of executives and leaders to help create experiential learning opportunities not available through public school.

Atlas Scholars accepted its first class of students in 2013, and our impact has scaled ever since. Each year, ~10 students from a range of diverse backgrounds across Houston are selected to join a lifelong network of support and growth.

Atlas Scholars creates an environment in which students’ motivation, drive, and desire to invest in themselves — as well as their resulting performance in the program — is the determinant of their success.

If you would like to help expand the program’s impact through partnerships and sponsorships, please fill out this form.