Iapetus Holdings LLC Walks Away Victorious in 2021 TITAN Business Awards’ Second Season

HOUSTON – November 23, 2021 – TITAN Business Awards is proud to announce the final results of 2021, to the public, in celebration and honor of the achievements and triumphs that businesses have obtained throughout the year. Amongst the over 1,200 nominated entries, from more than 50 countries worldwide, which include: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia, and many more, only the industry Titans emerged victorious.

This season, Iapetus Holdings LLC decidedly takes the TITAN Platinum award in the competition.

Throughout the year, TITAN Awards increased its influence with the assistance of International Awards Associate’s (IAA) international prestige, capturing the attention of business entities and professionals worldwide. “Providing a platform to celebrate to multitudinous achievements of business entities and professionals around the world has been our aim since the beginning,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Therefore, with our current platform, we were able to do just that, elevating the standards of businesses everywhere.”

Grand Jury Panel

With the multitudinous entries, TITAN Business Awards has ranked them, via blind judging, in accordance to the industry’s best standards, based on the originality, business acumen, and impressions of each business. Our jury panel consists of professionals within their respective business industries. On that account, the esteemed judges that provided their valuable insights this year, include: Bilal Awan (PsycReality), Marie O’Riordan (PR, EML), Graham Kelly (Originate Pte. Ltd), Santiago Villegas (1903 Public Relations), Roland Bägén (Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)), Kevin Yu (SideChef Inc.), and Jessica Tiller (Pugh & Tiller PR), to list a few.

Category Winners of the Year and Notable Business Professionals

Along with the conclusion of the 2021 awards, TITAN Business Awards has selected amazing entries who participated and achieved the highest points, within their respective categories, in the awards, based on criteria set by IAA. These organizations epitomize expertise, innovation, and ingenuity, where their unique understanding in various aspects of business allow them to think outside the box and into the realm of originality and innovation itself. With that, the 2021 Category Winners of the Year include:

  1. Company & Organization – lapetus Holdings LLC, United States
  2. Entrepreneur – Jason Provenzano (Makers Nutrition), United States
  3. Management – Makers Nutrition, United States
  4. Marketing – Gravity Global, United Kingdom
  5. Information Technology – CSS Corp, United States
  6. Achievement – L&T Technology Services, India

In addition to that, the awards also bestowed the coveted TITAN Business Awards title to other distinguished winners of 2021, including: NBA (National Basketball Association), Hydrojug, PeopleReady, Hypergiant, Aerial Group, Kidoodle.TV, QNET, and Dubai Municipality amongst others.

“We’ve seen how notable businesses have acclimated and subsequently developed throughout the year’s given circumstances,” Kenjo said. “Thus, I’m elated to witness the continual growth of businesses, that would propel businesses to greater heights, in the following year.”

View the winning entries for the TITAN Business Awards’ Second Season.

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