Craig Taylor Mentioned in Thrive for Inspirational Quote


HOUSTON  – June 8, 2022  – Thrive quoted Craig Taylor in a recent article titled, “10 Quotes That Motivate Us, Bring Us Joy, and Give Us a Boost of Inspiration.” After asking their community to share their favorite inspirational quotes, Thrive included a quote from Craig Taylor that resonated with many:

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

“Both as an entrepreneur and in my personal life, I am moved by these words from Mike Tyson. This is my favorite quote because it’s so true!  I am always working on my vision and being in the mental frame to fight the obstacles ahead. Grit and determination are the assets I most value. I have learned to be confident because I know I can pick myself up and start again.”

—Craig Taylor, CEO and founder, Houston, TX

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