HOUSTON – December 19, 2022


Bestselling author Jim Schleckser from The Great CEO Podcast recently interviewed Craig Taylor, CEO and Founder of Iapetus Holdings.


Why do business with your firm?

“The reason we’ve been successful with our clients and in client acquisition is our people.  We approach things from a diverse lens.  We also have a very flat structure. So it allows us to act in a very nimble way.  We are able to respond to our clients’ needs very quickly, and very effectively.  At the end of the day, it’s about the quality of our people. We have really focused on having a standard of excellence and that always goes farther than you can see with clients.”


What is the point of constraint in your business, the one thing that, if you could change it, would allow you to grow faster?

When asked about the one point of constraint in the current growth trajectory, Craig mentioned it was access to capital.  “When we were smaller, we could deal with commercial banks and commercial lenders.  There wasn’t that much risk.  But when you’ve got several millions of dollars in just meeting payroll, commercial banks are as willing to work with and money—as you know as of this year— has become more expensive.”

What are one or two things you’ve learned that are central your CEO approach?

“You cannot achieve anything without a team. In business, I would also say in life.  There are so few people that are building anything successfully by themselves. You have to have a strong team.  And the stronger your team, the better you’re going to be. And that certainly is something that is central to my approach.”


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